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Imaging your artwork
We are specialists in the high-resolution and colour-accurate photography of artwork for reproduction, a highly-demanding field in which our extensive experience and expertise enables us to tackle successfully the most difficult of original works, including mixed media with metallic pigments, oil paintings with high-gloss varnish, and even work behind glass where it may not be possible or desirable to remove this from the frame. We also photograph sculptures and other 3D objects of all kinds for cataloguing and publication, and provide images and prints for artists, private collectors, galleries and photographers.

Our photographic studio is equipped with high-resolution digital cameras with speciality lenses and professional studio lighting ensuring controlled illumination for the most accurate reproduction. By tailoring the lighting individually for each artwork, we are able to reproduce the appearance of the original piece accurately and in keeping with the artist's vision, retaining both original impasto and the finest brushstroke detail as required.

Our digital workflow is fully colour managed throughout, with custom ICC profiles generated in-house for each individual lighting setup and for every component in the reproduction chain, ensuring accurate colour reproduction of your artwork. Further details of the reproduction process may be found on our Technical Info page for those who are interested.

Ideally, we prefer to photograph artwork in our own studio for maximum control over lighting conditions and to facilitate the most accurate colour matching of the digital file to the original artwork. However, where this may not be either possible or convenient, for example in the case of large, delicate or particularly valuable pieces of art, we are able to offer you the option of photographing your artwork in-situ at your own premises for reproduction, cataloguing or submission for gallery exhibition. Please contact us for further information and a quotation.

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