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Although the bulk of our work lies in producing colour-accurate reproductions of flat artwork, we also photograph 3D sculptures and artefacts for artists, authors, galleries and collectors. Here are a few examples of our 3D and some other more unusual photographic work:

Our Lady of Consolation and Child
Figurine of the Virgin Mary with Child, 13" high, cast in bronze resin. Original sculpture in clay by Karen Bird (www.karenbirdsculptor.co.uk)

Sculpture and sales of bronze casts in aid of Mary's Meals, providing emergency relief and daily school meals for children in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean who would otherwise go hungry.

Image by kind permission © 2016 Karen Bird.

Racehorse and Jockey
Sculpture of racehorse and jockey in silver, mounted on a marble and wood base
Image by kind permission © Michael Thompson
Rowles Fine Art
A selection of sculptures photographed at Rowles Fine Art gallery for cataloguing and for sale.
Images by kind permission © 2017 Rowles Fine Art
Antique keys and locks
Antique and historical locks and keys from various private and public collections, featured in the book 'The Lure of the Key' by William Wallace (ISBN 978-1-910787-25-0, Unicorn Publishing, September 2016).
Images by kind permission © 2015 William Wallace
Antique tea bowl collection
A selection of antique tea bowls in the private collection of Sheridan Swinson. Photographed for a set of greetings cards published by Aardvark Books, Brampton Bryan
Images by kind permission © 2013 Sheridan Swinton, Aardvark Books
Thönmi Sambhota Thangka
Image © 2016 Tashi Mannox
This traditional thangka painting of the rarely depicted great calligrapher and scholar Thönmi Sambhota was especially commissioned by Tashi Mannox from Sahil Bhopal of Flying Whale Art studio, India. Tibetan thangka painting is one of the great arts of Asia and is a particular stylistic development of painting in natural mineral media, normally on cloth which is mounted in a brocade frame, designed to roll up as a portable scroll.

Thangkas are typically rich in the iconography of their religious content that communicates the highest Buddhist ideals, often as a visual aid to be meditated upon or to depict historical figures and spiritual events. For a Tibetan Buddhist, thangkas are considered inspirational sacred paintings in their physical support to a practitioner as an embodiment of enlightenment.

From the point of view of reproduction, thangkas are frequently difficult to photograph due to the extensive use of gold leaf and gold paint in the decorative embellishments. We have extensive experience in coaxing the best out of these and similarly challenging subjects.

Buddhist Dragon Painting
Dragon painting by the eminent Buddhist scholar and teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-1987), former head of the Surmang monasteries in eastern Tibet. Mixed media on canvas,  605mm wide x 690mm high, ca. 1968. Further details of the history of this rare and significant painting may be found at http://inkessential.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/emerging-from-black-mountains.html

Prints of the original painting are available for sale directly from ourselves. Please call 01568 572072 for further information, or email via our contact page.
All proceeds of this print go to support H.H. 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinly Dorje’s activity and
the present 12th incarnation of Trungpa Chokyi Sange Rinpoché who is currently undertaking Tulku training at his original seat monastery, Surmang, East Tibet
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