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Privacy Statement
We strongly uphold your right to privacy on the Internet and believe it should be your choice to whom you give your details. We believe that the proliferation of spam (bulk unsolicited email) is a plague on our modern electronic society and only serves to spoil email as a useful communications medium as well as proving a source of considerable irritation to the recipients, not least ourselves.

This website uses cookies only where necessary for efficient operation, and our policy is never to sell or otherwise pass on any customer contact information to third parties, carefully selected or otherwise. We believe that companies that do so generally select these third parties carefully in order to maximise their own profit from selling your details, rather than to ensure that the resultant deluge of marketing rubbish is in any way relevant to you, the customer.

Furthermore, we do not collect or retain any personally identifiable information about your use of this web site. We understand that you are here because you may be interested in our services, and not to give us unneccessary personal information. Should you wish to do so, please complete our contact form and let us know how we can be of service. If you do, thank you; and if you don't, please come back and visit us again soon. Either way, thank you for viewing our web site.
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