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Artist's statement
I have always drawn and painted intuitively. I studied at Moseley Art School in Birmingham and then at Newton Park College in Bath. After qualifying at Bath I worked as a Primary school teacher.

The inspiration for my work comes by closely observing all the beautiful plants I see growing in the local fields, hedgerows, parks and gardens. I have experimented with a variety of media to capture their beauty in colour and design.

My most recent paintings are in Egg Tempera. The sumptuous colours are achieved by building the painting layer upon layer and details are embellished in gold and silver leaf. The result is rich in design and colour, emphasising the natural patterns of the subject.

I am a member of Hereford Art and Craft Society (HACS) and also Hereford Botanical Art Society (HBAS).

Purchase details
Please contact Alison directly via her website at for purchase details of her paintings and giclée prints or to enquire about her art classes and workshops.

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